VDSS – Vital Data Security System

  • Your data, your responsibility
  • Monitoring for information and data security (ISO27001)
  • Essential for CISO
  • Tool for Data Protection Officer (DPO)
  • Unique addition to workstation management


VDSS: your last line of defense

Data, such as customer data, design data of (new) products / services or data that fall under the privacy legislation (GDPR), examples of data that your organization does not like to go public or worse. Yet more and more cases of data theft are known. You may think that your sensitive data is completely protected against theft by anti-virus software, security scanners or a firewall, unfortunately this is not the case.

VDSS monitors important or sensitive data in real time and alerts when this data is being accessed in potentially inappropriate ways. For example, VDSS alerts when a user, who does not need to, accesses the sensitive data. Ransomware that will pack your files will be immediately stopped and quarantined by VDSS.



VDSS monitors the data from the inside; an agent will be installed on every file server that contains important data, transmitting the messages to the central VDSS server, which will send the alerts. Thanks to this positioning, VDSS is ideally suited to keep an eye on (external) management tasks, to ensure that a possible data breach does not occur from the inside or through the actions of third parties working on behalf of your organization.

VDSS can also assist with discovering Trojan Horses (malware hidden in an application) in your network. VDSS forms a second detection layer and alerts when the antivirus software failed in detecting the Trojan.

The implementation of VDSS is very simple, based on a short inventory, the solution can be operational within 1 day within your environment.


VDSS: sleep better at night and save on costs

You will be comforted by the thought that your business information will be protected 24/7, and you will be assured of very acceptable implementation and licensing fees.


Features of VDSS

  • Real-time monitoring
  • Reliable and simple
  • Fast implementation
  • Scalable and affordable
  • Dutch quality product



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