• Prevents data breaches
  • Reports 'suspicious' data transport
  • Strange reading and copying behavior of personnel
  • Detects malware spying your data.


VDSS supports organizations in the security of vital digital files and thus to comply with the Dutch Personnel Data Protections Act dated January 1, 2016 and the GDPR dated May 25, 2018.

Advanced monitoring techniques permanently secure files on your servers and workstations and send real-time alerts (via SMS / email) when VDSS detects unauthorized activities. VDSS is also very suitable for being used as the last line of defence against malware and viruses.


risks dataleakage


Due to the simple yet robust construction, VDSS is extremely suitable for use by compliance and security departments within an organization, to have a lock on their digital door independently from the IT department.

VDSS can act against attempts to steal information (both internal and external), detect fraud and unwanted behaviour. With VDSS organizations can make the first step towards a complete security and compliance environment.

In short

One of the most severe IT headaches strikes when confidential data leaks out of your organizations network. When concerning business, data leakage can cause serious problems.

With VDSS you have an easy tool that will give you control over your vital data by keeping track of your system administrators and employees.

So you prevent that data emerges on the wrong places (for example: competitors, clients, WikiLeaks, internet, etc.)