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This tab gives a overview of the notifications templates and groups rights of this component.

You can set the default notification templates for this system in this screen.

- Notification Template used for Monitoring Heartbeat:   there is a heartbeat between the Agent and the Server. If the Agent loses the connection with the Server, no heartbeat, this template will be used to escalate.

- Notification Template used as basic: This template will be used for all new components concerning this system. Later in various places there is the choice to inherit the System Notification Settings. If you then choose the option to Inherit System Notifications Settings it will take the Default Notification Template, which is set here.

You will see later the choice Notification Template Inherit.

For example when you add a file or directory to the monitoring, you can choose as Notification Template, Inherit System Notification Settings.

It will then choose the Default Notification Template, in this case 24for7. If you later on change the Default Notification Template, this will also have impact on this process. If you do not want that, you have to select 24for7:

Watch Rights

Here you can choose which groups are allowed to view all the notifications off this system  via the Notifications menu.

Mutate Rights

Here you can choose which groups may alter monitoring settings for this system. The users belonging to the selected groups will see this system in the

Normal User Menu.

Receive Notifications

Here you can choose which groups receive the notifications for this system. It will check in the User Account Settings, which User Notifications belongs to individual users.

Later on, in the Normal User Menu, you can change this notification group for separate components, by deselecting the check box Keep Standard System Escalation Groups.