The biggest taboo in business is still the leaking of internal mistakes, fraud and cases of corporate espionage. An annual survey by the U.S. Secret Service, shows that three quarters of the companies who are duped by their own staff, want to keep it inside the company. Fraud by employees is often not reported to the police, to avoid publicity. The potential damage from the publicity in a criminal case is an important reason not to prosecute employees. The fear that customers will lose confidence in the company, is great.

But 60% of the employees made clear that they have plans to take company secrets with them upon actually leaving their job, and if fired 90% admittted that they would copy company secrets. Besides the”normal” employees, you got the System Administrators. Most system administrators have unlimited access to your vital systems and can access almost any (confidential) company data undetected. The system and/ or network administrators should of course have access to the operating system, they manage the business, but are not the owners thereof.

Therefor an important question is: “Who keeps an eye on your employees/ system administrators?”

With VDSS you have an easy tool that will give you control over your vital data by keeping track of  your employees and system administrators. VDSS registers the activity of your personnel with the data. Depending on the importance of the ‘suspect’ data transport, VDSS can send a warning (text message or an e-mail), fully automatic (to you and/or to a security service). All of the activities involving data are recorded and are made available for reporting purposes.