VDSS, guards your data

Most organizations rely heavily on their computer systems to keep their day-to-day operations running smoothly. As more information within your organization is digitized, the protection of vital data becomes all-important.

Your vital data could be, for example:

  • your customer and prospect details
  • your supplier information
  • your financial data
  • confidential design & engineering work
  • confidential personal information
  • prototype development

These data should be protected carefully, leakage of confidential information should be prevented.
You will be comforted by the thought that your business information will be protected 24/7, and you will be assured of very acceptable implementation and licensing fees.


  • Easy installation: VDSS runs independently of other servers in the IT environment of the organization. This allows VDSS to be deployed quickly and has no negative impact on network performance.
  • Flexible deployment: VDSS can be fully configured according to the wishes and surroundings of the organization. Settings based on time, users, priorities and status are easy to manage.
  • Reliable and proven: VDSS exists for more than 10 years and is being developed continuously by Triangle Solutions BV in Drachten.
  • Independent Monitoring: VDSS can be deployed independently of IT departments, providing a complete solution, directly available to Management, Compliance and Security departments.