VDSS in your network

VDSS offers a powerful multi front-end user interface. You or your security service can, with the right authorizations, change vital data parameters and take appropriate actions from any location. The VDSS Notifications List gives you a real time overview of all ‘suspect’ data transport activities. You will get an overview of your vital data usage information, with the standard reports from VDSS.

VDSS in a network

There will be a VDSS Agent installed on the systems you want to monitor. Only when necessary this Agent will contact the VDSS Server, by using the TCP/IP protocol. Data leakage monitoring within complex (secured) offices is no problem.

The VDSS Agent has minimal impact on your production systems and generates only a small amount of network communication. Data leakage monitoring through Satellite connections is therefore no problem.

VDSS can be centrally administrated by using a web browser. You only need a little time and knowledge, because of the user friendly interface. An easy tool that will give you control over your important data by keeping track of your system administrators and employees.

VDSS is a solution that will fulfil both your practical and technical demands.