May 2020

Changelog VDSS 09.05.04

Fixes and enhancements VDSS 09.05.04

  • Export possibility for reports to CSV and PDF format files
  • Monitoring continues if the system is put into safe mode
  • VDSS always notifies in case of a ransomware threat, even if the threat has already disappeared in real time
  • Audit settings are automatically checked when monitoring files
  • When adding new files in the monitoring, advice is given by GUI in case of incorrect input
  • Adding multiple files, trusted processes and trusted IP’s is now possible in the same screen
  • Deletion of an Agent is now controlled centrally from the Server, a local delete is no longer possible
  • A NEW tag has been visually added to new agents
New agent tag
  • Copying of settings is made possible from one agent to other Agents
  • Encryption / Security adapted
  • Files without a dot are also reported when deleted
  • Placeholders are placed in text areas containing examples
  • Continuous display of status, when a backup is manual started.
  • Display of status when upgrading Agents
  • User working with application gets a popup if the application is stopped due to ransomware threat
  • Warning if you enter email or text message with user, but it is not configured
  • When clicking on the help documentation in the Show, the groups will no longer collapse
  • From Email ID is no longer a required field
  • Textually, the filtering of files has changed in the User Interface to rules (blocked and always alerted messages)
  • File Audit alarm remains until file is removed from monitoring whether the settings are set correctly
  • Index Out of Range notification if Session has expired resolved
  • Improved switching in Show Detail page between different Agents
  • The Y-axis is remembered for multiple lines of dash items in the dashboard
  • Help documentation has been expanded

March 2020

Changelog VDSS 09.05.03

Fixes and enhancements VDSS 09.05.03

  • When adding a folder / file in the monitoring, the Auditing Settings are automatically checked
  • If a file is not correctly placed in the monitoring, an OK will now follow if all settings are correct
  • Failed Logins are now reported with an Alarm status
  • Show also displays Warnings, in addition to OK and Alarm
  • OK message when starting the Agent
  • The notification of a missing file is sent once by the Agent
  • Edit, Delete and Help icons have supporting text displayed
  • The bars in the Show are now completely clickable
  • Pointer appears when hovering over the login button
  • In the Super User Menu, Dashboard has been changed to Dashboard Items
  • Ransomware Settings tab is now called Ransomware
  • License Check of the Server at startup is more robust
  • Default sortings for new users
  • Read license button of the Agent setup works
  • Username remains case sensitive by deleting an user from a group
  • After installation of the Server, the installation log files are deleted
  • Agent always receives the Server Key for error-free communication
  • File notifications has a more accurate time
  • The service of the VDSS server has been improved, a restart of the Windows server is no longer required
  • Help link is fixed in Super User Menu and Dashboard Items
  • Help documentation has been expanded

Changelog VDSS 09.05.02

December 2019

  • Support for white label

November 2019

Changelog VDSS 09.05.01

Fixes and enhancements VDSS 09.05.01
  • Notifications screen is graphically adjusted
    Notifications screen
    Screenshot: meldingenscherm
  • Acknowledged Ransomeware notifications will no longer be deleted, but will remain until the danger has passed
  • New users can create reports
  • Only the manual refresh will work after setting a period in reports. Automatic refresch is set off
  • The Report Refresh rate is personally adjustable
screenshot refresh rate
Screenshot: refresh rate
  • The correct status is stored in reports, even if an action on your files is not notified via email or SMS
  • starting a VDSS Agent is notified as OK
  • Hash file on Agent is no longer growing
killing processes
Screenshot: Killing processes in Details screen
  • In the list of killed processes, only the responsible (child) processes are shown
  • When a Firewall rule is changed, this will also be updated in the User Interface
  • Files without a point are now treated as Files or Directories, the VDSS Agent reports this now
  • Performance improved if Notifications table contains more than 1 million records
  • Performance improved if more than 80 million records are stored
  • Performance improved if entire disks are monitored, without specifying important files on this disk

Oktober 2019

Changelog VDSS 09.05.00
New feature VDSS 09.05.00
  • Upgraded Encryption

September 2019

Changelog VDSS 09.04.00
New feature VDSS 09.04.00


  • Ransomware is stopped immediatly
  • Workstations are blocked by the firewall when a ransomware attack is detected
  • Processes (in later cases also the parent processes) will be stopped immediately when sensitive data is attacked
  • Ability to specify trusted processes and trusted IP addresses
Screenshot detection of ransomware
Screenshot: killing process and randsomware attack in notifications


Fixes and enhancements VDSS 09.04.00
  • User interface upgrade completed
  • Replace MSSQL with localDB
  • Slashes in file settings are stored in database with /