November 2021

Changelog VDSS 09.06.01

New feature VDSS 09.06.01

  • Agents can now be updated via a secure connection.
Screenshot: Upgrade agent
  • Agent is modified so that when busy, the Agent also continues to log on to the server.
  • Agent can be installed with MSI installer.
  • Server performance improved when an Agent is not responding.
  • When adding files to the monitoring, the auditing settings are automatically adjusted.
  • The Agent software can be downloaded from the user interface.
  • Reliable processes/applications and IP addresses can be removed from quarantine directly from the notification screen.
Screenshot: direct link in notifications
  • Added quarantine options.
  • Improved page numbering in all events and notifications screen.
  • Group settings of one Agent can be copied to other Agents, from the super user menu.
Screenshot: Groups in copy settings

May 2021

Changelog VDSS 09.06.00

New feature VDSS 09.06.00

  • Telegram: In addition to email and SMS, it is now also possible to receive notifications via Telegram.
    Telegram is very similar to WhatsApp, it is an application that allows you to communicate with each other and send photos, messages, etc. However, where WhatsApp identifies itself with your mobile phone, you need an account for Telegram. This makes Telegram easy to use on many devices and not just the mobile.
screenshot: user notifications Email, SMS and Telegram
  • Extra information in personal settings: Information is included here, about your account in which group you are a member and the components and the rights you have to them.
Screenshot: Extra information in personal settings
  • The dashboard can display the “Show”, “notifications” and “all events” pages. These can be shown rotating in the dashboard along with other Dash items.

Fixes and enhancements VDSS 09.06.00

  • The personal settings have been redesigned and moved from the Normal User Menu to the top right of the screen.
Screenshot: redesign personal settings
  • If the auditing settings are set incorrectly, an alarm will be sent from now on and also an ok if they are corrected.
  • Calendar has a new style.
  • The folder name for grouping components can now be modified.
  • The POC (proof of concept) starts in https.
  • If white label, the correct name is now displayed during the backup procedure.
  • Improved field check in time window and trusted processes.
  • During a restart, the error message “wrong license” is delayed for a few seconds.
  • When adding file names in Agent settings, filled in file names are entered and empty file names are ignored.

December 21, 2020

Changelog VDSS 09.05.07

Minor changes VDSS 09.05.07

White labeling of VDSS for Cyber Data Defense

December 14, 2020

Changelog VDSS 09.05.06

Fixes and enhancements VDSS 09.05.06

  • In the trusted processes windows, the backslash is also written into the database

December 7, 2020

Changelog VDSS 09.05.05

Fixes and enhancements VDSS 09.05.05

  • New userinterface
  • Support of Linux and macOS
  • The colors of the VDSS User Interface are adjustable and modernized per user. This allows each user to choose their own color for alarms

May 2020

Changelog VDSS 09.05.04

Fixes and enhancements VDSS 09.05.04

  • Export possibility for reports to CSV and PDF format files
  • Monitoring continues if the system is put into safe mode
  • VDSS always notifies in case of a ransomware threat, even if the threat has already disappeared in real time
  • Audit settings are automatically checked when monitoring files
  • When adding new files in the monitoring, advice is given by GUI in case of incorrect input
  • Adding multiple files, trusted processes and trusted IP’s is now possible in the same screen
  • Deletion of an Agent is now controlled centrally from the Server, a local delete is no longer possible
  • A NEW tag has been visually added to new agents
New agent tag
  • Copying of settings is made possible from one agent to other Agents
  • Encryption / Security adapted
  • Files without a dot are also reported when deleted
  • Placeholders are placed in text areas containing examples
  • Continuous display of status, when a backup is manual started.
  • Display of status when upgrading Agents
  • User working with application gets a popup if the application is stopped due to ransomware threat
  • Warning if you enter email or text message with user, but it is not configured
  • When clicking on the help documentation in the Show, the groups will no longer collapse
  • From Email ID is no longer a required field
  • Textually, the filtering of files has changed in the User Interface to rules (blocked and always alerted messages)
  • File Audit alarm remains until file is removed from monitoring whether the settings are set correctly
  • Index Out of Range notification if Session has expired resolved
  • Improved switching in Show Detail page between different Agents
  • The Y-axis is remembered for multiple lines of dash items in the dashboard
  • Help documentation has been expanded

March 2020

Changelog VDSS 09.05.03

Fixes and enhancements VDSS 09.05.03

  • When adding a folder / file in the monitoring, the Auditing Settings are automatically checked
  • If a file is not correctly placed in the monitoring, an OK will now follow if all settings are correct
  • Failed Logins are now reported with an Alarm status
  • Show also displays Warnings, in addition to OK and Alarm
  • OK message when starting the Agent
  • The notification of a missing file is sent once by the Agent
  • Edit, Delete and Help icons have supporting text displayed
  • The bars in the Show are now completely clickable
  • Pointer appears when hovering over the login button
  • In the Super User Menu, Dashboard has been changed to Dashboard Items
  • Ransomware Settings tab is now called Ransomware
  • License Check of the Server at startup is more robust
  • Default sortings for new users
  • Read license button of the Agent setup works
  • Username remains case sensitive by deleting an user from a group
  • After installation of the Server, the installation log files are deleted
  • Agent always receives the Server Key for error-free communication
  • File notifications has a more accurate time
  • The service of the VDSS server has been improved, a restart of the Windows server is no longer required
  • Help link is fixed in Super User Menu and Dashboard Items
  • Help documentation has been expanded

Changelog VDSS 09.05.02

December 2019

  • Support for white label

November 2019

Changelog VDSS 09.05.01

Fixes and enhancements VDSS 09.05.01
  • Notifications screen is graphically adjusted
    Notifications screen
    Screenshot: meldingenscherm
  • Acknowledged Ransomeware notifications will no longer be deleted, but will remain until the danger has passed
  • New users can create reports
  • Only the manual refresh will work after setting a period in reports. Automatic refresch is set off
  • The Report Refresh rate is personally adjustable
screenshot refresh rate
Screenshot: refresh rate
  • The correct status is stored in reports, even if an action on your files is not notified via email or SMS
  • starting a VDSS Agent is notified as OK
  • Hash file on Agent is no longer growing
killing processes
Screenshot: Killing processes in Details screen
  • In the list of killed processes, only the responsible (child) processes are shown
  • When a Firewall rule is changed, this will also be updated in the User Interface
  • Files without a point are now treated as Files or Directories, the VDSS Agent reports this now
  • Performance improved if Notifications table contains more than 1 million records
  • Performance improved if more than 80 million records are stored
  • Performance improved if entire disks are monitored, without specifying important files on this disk

Oktober 2019

Changelog VDSS 09.05.00
New feature VDSS 09.05.00
  • Upgraded Encryption

September 2019

Changelog VDSS 09.04.00
New feature VDSS 09.04.00


  • Ransomware is stopped immediatly
  • Workstations are blocked by the firewall when a ransomware attack is detected
  • Processes (in later cases also the parent processes) will be stopped immediately when sensitive data is attacked
  • Ability to specify trusted processes and trusted IP addresses
Screenshot detection of ransomware
Screenshot: killing process and randsomware attack in notifications


Fixes and enhancements VDSS 09.04.00
  • User interface upgrade completed
  • Replace MSSQL with localDB
  • Slashes in file settings are stored in database with /