November 2019

Changelog VDSS 09.05.01
Fixes and enhancements VDSS 09.05.01
  • Notifications screen is graphically adjusted

    Notifications screen
    Screenshot: meldingenscherm
  • Acknowledged Ransomeware notifications will no longer be deleted, but will remain until the danger has passed
  • New users can create reports
  • Only the manual refresh will work after setting a period in reports. Automatic refresch is set off
  • The Report Refresh rate is personally adjustable
screenshot refresh rate
Screenshot: refresh rate
  • The correct status is stored in reports, even if an action on your files is not notified via email or SMS
  • starting a VDSS Agent is notified as OK
  • Hash file on Agent is no longer growing
killing processes
Screenshot: Killing processes in Details screen
  • In the list of killed processes, only the responsible (child) processes are shown
  • When a Firewall rule is changed, this will also be updated in the User Interface
  • Files without a point are now treated as Files or Directories, the VDSS Agent reports this now
  • Performance improved if Notifications table contains more than 1 million records
  • Performance improved if more than 80 million records are stored
  • Performance improved if entire disks are monitored, without specifying important files on this disk

Oktober 2019

Changelog VDSS 09.05.00
New feature VDSS 09.05.00
  • Upgraded Encryption

September 2019

Changelog VDSS 09.04.00
New feature VDSS 09.04.00


  • Ransomware is stopped immediatly
  • Workstations are blocked by the firewall when a ransomware attack is detected
  • Processes (in later cases also the parent processes) will be stopped immediately when sensitive data is attacked
  • Ability to specify trusted processes and trusted IP addresses
Screenshot detection of ransomware
Screenshot: killing process and randsomware attack in notifications


Fixes and enhancements VDSS 09.04.00
  • User interface upgrade completed
  • Replace MSSQL with localDB
  • Slashes in file settings are stored in database with /