Update VDSS june 2021

In this update, more about VDSS monitoring your files and how it detects and stops ransomware. See how this works for your online backup.There is also a new version: VDSS 090600 with many new features, including notification via Telegram.

Ransomware and your online backup

During ransomware attacks, an individual host will first be infected through phishing, malware or remote desktop services. Once they have access to a machine, they spread through the network until they have access to administrative credentials and the domain controller.

In addition, they also look for online backups to pack. But they can also first copy it to use as a means of pressure (after all, a backup always contains important and/or secret files) and then delete the original.

With a victim’s data stolen and their backups deleted, the attackers are deploying their ransomware across the compromised network, usually outside office hours. This usually results in a business opening the next day with an encrypted network with no backups.

VDSS and online backup

VDSS can also monitor the online backup. Not only does VDSS trigger and notify when copy actions are performed in the online backup. But also processes and/or ip addresses are blocked if multiple files are changed or deleted. By monitoring your online backup with VDSS, you know exactly what is happening!

VDSS 090600

Of course we will continue to monitor the vital files and alert you if there are any suspicious actions. In addition to email and SMS, the notifications can now also be received via Telegram.

Telegram is very similar to WhatsApp, it is an application that allows you to communicate with each other and send photos, messages, etc. However, where WhatsApp makes itself known with your mobile, you need an account for Telegram. This ensures that Telegram can be easily used on many devices and not just on the mobile.

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