VDSS is not a virus scanner, but detects the viruses

VDSS monitors the OS, we have been doing this with TSMS for over 20 years. We measure when the OS requests a file for mutation or reading. Then we look “higher” in the operating system on who did it and from where.

We issue a neat report on this and, if desired, can warn via email, SMS, telegram or external applications (eg SIEM)

These can be system administrators, normal users, but indeed viruses, malware and ransomware! VDSS was built 8 years ago, and it turned out that one of the nice side effects is that we also detect viruses and malware.

Then we spent three years programming to make sure that if it is ransomware, we detect the process doing the unwanted action within about 250ms and then stop the process within about 1 second.

With this we have become an extremely powerful ransomware killer, which we are proud of. Do you have insight within your organization who views and processes which important data? VDSS monitors and reports your file usage and possibly stops processes that do things that you do not want, it is not a guess but a measurement. And to measure is to know!